My name is Walker Polivka and I am the founder of Birdies and Burnouts. I’ve been a life long fan of Golf and NASCAR and have always wanted to find a creative way to channel my passion for both sports. Many sites created by fans don’t always have the same impact that a professional site would, but this site will be the exception.

I am a former radio broadcaster, having worked for multiple stations in many areas, including Production, Guest Booking, News Writing, Reporting, Social Media and Website Maintenance, Marketing, Media Sales, as an On-air Talent and as a General Manager, among many other areas. 

This site will sort of be a hodgepodge of Golf and NASCAR-related info early on before it becomes more defined. Some areas this site may cover: tournament and race previews and recaps, tournament and race predictions, player profiles, thought provoking blog topics, and the latest news. This will take shape as the year goes on, so feel free to reach out with suggestions for content you’d like to see. 

You can reach out to me directly by emailing me at birdiesandburnouts@gmail.com and by following Birdies and Burnouts on Facebook and Twitter.

Don’t forget to enjoy the long drive and to embrace the race to the checkered flag!

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